Die Radio Die


During my high school years, 7 or 8 years ago, my brother gave me a bunch of music.  One band in particular, I was especially grateful for.  My brother had gotten some music of a band called Die Radio Die or DieRadioDie, we were never sure of the spelling.  I like to think of them as one of the greatest bands that never were.  They made some great music while together, but it didn’t work out.

Anyway, all was good until a year or two later whey my 4th gen iPod with click wheel (didn’t even have a color screen) DIED!  I mean loved the band, but I never wished my iPod’s death.  All of the music my brother had given me on my iPod had disappeared in a few days.  No backups, nothing.

I constantly searched the internet looking for their music.  I implored my brother to see if his old computer still had the music.  But it was truly lost.

Until recently, when I rediscovered the music here!  Here are some of the songs I missed so dearly:

As Soon As Beauty Dies (link)

Backlash, You’re Dead (link)

Caught On Film (link)

Life is Beautiful (link)

Lincoln Logs and Lumberjacks (link)

Lover Left You Bleeding (link)

Murder Me Beautiful (link)

Party Crasher (link)

The Bartender (link)

The Chase (link)

Windy City, Breaking the Tides (link)