Imagination and Quantum Reality

Having taken almost all of the physics classes I need to graduate with my degree in Applied Physics, I feel more than ever a strong pull towards the theoretical field. Something that has always comforted me is my imagination. As a kid, I was content playing by myself, because my imagination entertained me enough. Now, my imagination, although not as active as it once was, still surprises me.

While watching a television show on Netflix, there was a time lapse scene of a bridge over a bay at night. The suspension bridge had lights periodically along its supports, and the reflection of those lights upon the surface of the water flickered and moved relative to the waves and ripples on the water. It reminded me of the wave nature of particles and uncertainty in quantum mechanics. The effects we observe at the quantum level seem to almost be effects of a reality that is outside of our three dimensional world. To break free of the boundaries that contain our thoughts in this physical realm, we must fall whimsically into the depths of our imaginations. Our imaginations need inspiration, and we must feed and nurture them to grow and allow us to venture to places unexplored.

Artistry and creativity bring life to our imaginations. Support our artists, our photographers, our directors, and our writers and we may find that we may gain more scientific knowledge than what is theoretically possible.